Recent Results

Recovery Amount Injury Description
1. $6,615,509.03 ** Death Case Petroleum explosion case after extensive litigation
** The firm is pleased to announce that a recent settlement of a petroleum explosion case after extensive litigation netted our clients $6,615,509.03.The case involved the death of a Midland man working for an Odessa company. The case against his employer continues and is expected to increase the family’s recovery.
2. $894,328.80 ** Broken Leg Motorcycle Crash
** A settlement was made in an injury case involving a motorcycle crash in which the client received a broken leg. Net recovery to the client was $894,328.80.
3. $230,675.10 ** Broken Right Leg and Nose Auto Accident
** An auto accident resulting in a broken right leg and nose netted our client $230,675.10.
4. $450,000.00 ** Foot Crush Injury Oilfield Accident
** The firm recently settled a foot crush injury case arising from an oilfield accident. The gross recovery for the client was $450,000.00.
5. $486,538.63 ** Workers Comp gross negligence case Oil Rig Death
** In a limited insurance coverage case claiming gross negligence, which is difficult to prove here in Texas, we nevertheless recovered a net of $486,538.63 for the child of a deceased oil rig floor hand.
6. $655,000.00 ** Underinsured Motorist Case Auto Accident
** Trial, Car Wreck, Underinsured Motorist Case (at fault driver didn’t have enough insurance)
7. $585,000.00 ** Car Wreck Auto Accident
** Settlement – Car Wreck

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