Defective Products

Our firm handles all types of defective product cases.  We have handled defectively designed and/or defectively manufactured hip implants, orthopedic screws, and medical implants of all kinds.  When these products fail after they have been implanted the injuries are inevitably debilitating and long lasting, and the treatment always involves more surgery.  We also handle defective vehicle design, including roof crush, air bags and seat belt release claims, and motorcycle, ATV and/or watercraft design/manufacturing defect cases.

Defective products kill and injure thousands of people every year. Anything made by man and sold to the public can prove dangerously defective, and result in a product liability claim. Our firm has handled product defect claims arising from automobiles, ATVs, orthopedic screws, hip implants, prescription drugs and breast implants, to list a few. We have extensive experience in prosecuting these cases and the expertise to bring an offending company to justice for our clients. When Dow Corning filed bankruptcy over its breast implant claims, we were the first law firm in the nation to get a case released from the docket in Midland, Michigan so we could continue to pursue it in Texas state court. We have consulted as lead counsel for several other firms or accepted referrals of their cases in product cases, generating collective returns for our clients of millions of dollars. If you think you have been injured by a defective product of any sort, call us without delay. Preservation of evidence is always a concern in these cases, and we see companies trying to get injured persons to “send them” the defective product so they can “examine” it for defects; inconceivable, but true. Don’t fall prey to these tactics. If you have a claim, we can tell you what to do. And as always, the initial consultation is free and without obligation to you. We handle the cases we accept on a contingent fee basis, so there is no monetary risk to you of pursuing a case that we believe has merit.

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