To Peek or Not…

Just wrapped the last present, thank God for Amazon, UPS, Fed Ex and the US mail for saving this working, procrastinating, mom’s bacon, and for blessing me with a daughter who is willing and able to help get all the presents under our tree. They don’t all look great, but they are all there waiting

College Football

Ahhhhh Football, college football to be specific, not that into pro ball. Although I remember watching the Cowboys with my parents during the days of Roger Staubach and Ed Too Tall Jones and I still love a good Cowboys game. Anyway, both my alma maters played in bowl games last night. Baylor and Texas Tech,

Promises to Keep

Sometimes you get to the end of a week and you think wow, this was great TGIF and all that jazz and then other times you get to the end of the week and think well shoot, week’s not over yet, I’m going to have to just work on through… this was one of those