I Pray that I am Enough

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the things that have happened to me that framed me, who I was and who I became. Having two teenage kids, you are always walking a fine line between being too involved and not being involved enough. Mother’s and Father’s Day really bring this home to me. My

Green Cards Missing in Action

A green card is like a green light for foreigners living in the United States. Officially called “permanent resident” cards, they authorize holders to live and work here. Given the millions of people who reside here illegally, the documents are a valuable commodity among those who can’t get them through proper channels. So when the

SCOTUS Decision on Immigration

President Obama expressed sadness and frustration today after the Supreme Court issued a one sentence opinion telling the world that they could not reach a decision on President Obama’s expanded executive action on immigration for more DACA recipients and the DAPA program for parents of American citizens. After justice Scalia’s death, the court is split