Breanna Cox
A wonderful team of people. A huge thank you to Misty Borland and her dad, Mike Borland. I came to Misty after my father was killed in an accident. Through all the emotion and suffering my family went through we have finally been able to put it behind us and find comfort. Misty was there for us when we had questions or just needed an update on what was going on. Walking into a situation like ours is one you never expect, but luckily we were able to have Misty help us. She was there to handle everything and guide us in the right direction. We have finally came to an outcome that pleased my family and myself. Finally a load of stress and sorrow was lifted from our shoulders.

Phyliss Boykin-Wetmore
I want to thank Misty Borland Phiffer, Kelli Day and entire staff for helping me thru difficulty times after my accident. When I needed someone to talk to Misty or Kelli was always there. I have tried to explain how much I appreciated there kindness, there wisdom, and highly professional staff but I feel that I become articulately misspoken. They never gave up on my case even when sometimes I did. At times I feel a little sadden, because I will truly miss them and their heartfelt kindness. Borland and Borland gives that small town family comfort with the big city drive and fight. I HIGHLY recommend Borland and Borland Law Firm, they are truly dedicated to there clients.

Jessica Delgado
Really good attorney settles for good trust me it’s worth every penny!!!! Especially misty borland

Leesa Summerford
Misty and her crew are a very caring group of people. They are very accurate and did a very awesome job. Thanks for everything!

Joe Don Lilly
Some of the finest attorneys in West Texas!
Excelentes abogados!

Aracely Loya
Great firm in all aspects of areas..Highly recommended!!!

Lorena Moreno
I like because they are reliable and truthful.

Misty represented me in a case that resulted from an oil field injury in Feb. 2007. She and her firm did an outstanding job and represented me well. I was pleased with the results and would definately recommend Borland & Borland, more specifically Misty, for whatever your legal needs may be.

Hector Deleon
I was represented by Borland & Borland and are please with the way they hande my case. I recommend this firm without a question.

L.A., Client
“When our dad was killed in an explosion, we didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Mike saw to it that Mom got her workers’ comp payments from his company started immediately, and then Borland and Borland made sure that the other companies responsible paid for their carelessness. We received the largest settlement of all the plaintiffs in the case…”

“Our daughter was hurt in an accident at an apartment complex. After a lot of thought we spoke with an attorney, our pastor, and friends. Misty Borland Phiffer was the attorney who represented us in our lawsuit. She and her experienced team kept us informed from day one, so we never had to wonder what was happening. If we ever had a question Misty was always just a phone call away.Misty has a way to make you feel comfortable in an uncomfortable and trying situation.”

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